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EVENT: Scenes from Live Worms Gallery


Thank you to everyone who
attended "Shutter & Stroke-II"
at Live Worms Gallery in
North Beach.

A funkier gallery space, 
in a funkier neighborhood, 
you will not find.
I think we were the only 
business a (4) block zone 
that didn't have a liquor 


                                 Photo credit Jacqui Fiels


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Los Gatos Plein Air


A big thank you to everyone who
attended the Los Gatos Plein 
Air Auction. Thank you to the 
Los Gatos Rotary and Carol Waitte
for putting on the event. 
And a special thank to 
my host family Ken & Jackie 
Cannizzaro for putting up with 
...and the survey says:
5 Pieces created                        Los Gatos Plaza
4 Pieces sold                  
0 Ribbons


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AWARD: for "In The Wee Small Hours"


Dateline Los Angeles:
Richard Dawson 
("Hogan's Heros" Newkirk)
Dies at age 79.

"In The Wee Small Hours" 
was awarded JURY'S TOP 50 in
the Salon International 2012,
International Museum of 
Contemporary Masters of  
Fine Art,                Detail from "In the Wee Small Hours"
Greenhouse Gallery,
San Antonio, Texas.      
...and the survey says:
1,111 pieces were submitted to the Salon. 
434 pieces were accepted into the Salon.
3 (of 3) pieces of mine were accepted.
1 piece of mine made the "Jury's Top Fifty".


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EVENT: Napa Valley Art Festival


I will be participating in the

NAPA Valley Art Festival.

Show date........Sat 18Aug11

Show Venue.....Community Center

Show Local.......6516 Washington Street

           Yountville, CA

This is a (1) day sale event.

An Art Show in Wine Country,

you can't beat that with a corkscrew...


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EVENT: Los Gatos Plein Air Festival


I will be participating in the

Los Gatos Plein Air Festival.

Show date........Sat 13jun16

Show Local.....Los Gatos Town Plaza

Show Time.......11:00-5:00

This is a (1) day Auction event.

Come spend Saturday in "The Cats".

Check out the town and build your art collection.


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The Disney/Allen influence shows 
up in my work often. Swiss Family 
Robinson themes run though 
my "Woods, Waves & Waterfalls 
Series". My wave paintings 
frequently will incorporate a 
shipwreck. My woods paintings 
have rickety pathways. It is 
incorporating the visual details 
from this story, that keeps 
landscape painting fresh
for me.  When I went back to 
my inner child passions, the 
subject matter I wanted to 
focus on became clear.  
                             Detail from "The Redwood Stairs" 


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It is my love of architecture 
and great spaces, mingled with 
a touch of Main street U.S.A., 
that inspires my "Great 
American Homes Series". 
When I moved from Boston 
to California, I was headed for 
LA. That was until I visited 
friend's in San Francisco, 
and saw the "Painted Ladies". 
After that weekend I realized,    
the closest I could come to      
residing in Disneyland would be 
living in San Francisco.
                                San Francisco ~ Disney World


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When it came to subject 
matter, Disney & Allen had 
a lot in common.
Ironically they shared a love
for all things Jules Verne, 
Swiss Family Robinson and 
the circus. I guess they had 
a nose for the good stuff.

There were other similar 
career arcs as well.
Producer/Director Allen,            
in partnership with 20th              
Century Fox, even designed 
a theme park to be built in     
Long Beach.
           20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/Swiss Family Robinson


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There are many painters that 
inspire me stylistically.
When it comes to subject 
matter however, I have 
learned to defer to the 
things in life that I am 
passionate about.
To accomplish this I go 
to my inner child.
Growing up there were 
two people who time 
and again created 
entertainment and images 
that always captivated me.
They were Walt Disney and           
Irwin Allen. Both of whom             
made the films, television            Walt Disney/Irwin Allen
shows and theme parks that
were right out of my dreams.


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One of my Favorite Spaces in San Francisco


Dateline Billings Montana:
The last surviving flag from 
Custer's Last Stand
(the "Battle of Little Bighorn") 
sold for $2.2 million.
The flag was purchased in 1895 for $5
by the Detroit Institute of Arts.  
Proceeds of the sale will be used to 
acquire more native American Art.
Can you say ironic.

          Hyatt Regency "Light Curtain"

Great Spaces 
One of my favorite spaces in 
San Francisco, is the atrium in the 
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero.  
At Xmas when they hang
the "Light Cutain", 
the room is transformed into
a sort of surreal movie set.  
Unfortunately this year they did
not include the massive model train
installation under the "Sphere".

                 Hyatt Regency 'Sphere"

The space was used as the lobby 
for Irwin Allen's 1974 film 
"The Towering Inferno".
The story of the worlds tallest 
building catching fire the 
night of it's grand opening.
A "Titanic" on land story.
If you are familiar with the 
movie, you might recognize 
the elevators in the 
background.            Hyatt Regency Lobby ~ Towering Inferno
They played a pivotal 
part in the film.
Imagine having Steve McQueen as your
city's Fire Chief...way cool.


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