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I love your work. I can't use word to describe it! : )
-- Yican Bao, 7/24/11

Fantastic work!
-- Deb Lynch, 2/3/11

We are so proud to have your paintings in our home. And we're always dreaming of buying more. Thanks for sharing your art with us.
-- Lori Hennessey, 12/31/10

I am speechless. What can I say beside that I just discovered the work of a great artist. Many thanks.
-- Aline Girard, 4/10/10

our friend Scott's paintings are the best art we can buy (and He is great company too)
-- George Newmount, 8/8/09

I love your work scott!!!!!!
-- Kirsten Holahan, 7/8/09

your work is phenomenol......continue to paint wrecklessly.........and bring it to the lives of those of us less gifted and wreckless.....
-- Sharon Janney, 5/31/09

It's a pleasure to view your work.
-- Janelle Randall, 5/8/09

Hey Scott, Your work is AMAZING! Love Kim ox
-- Kimberley Taulbee, 5/7/09

please put me on your list.
-- Rebecca Sullivan, 3/24/09

Just delighted mywelf with another viewing of your work. Is "Older than Time " your lastest addition to this site? Lovely!
-- Karen Haigh, 2/19/09

Sherry SolowI just love your work. Powerful and brilliant darks and lights. You are very prolific. I take forever to finish a painting.
-- Sherry Solow, 2/16/09

Scott.....your work is wonderful. I called David Coyle and asked him to review your work as well. Wonderful landscapes of the city.
-- John Seminerio, 12/27/08

Scott RobinsonDude your shit is tight love your sketch book gona have to post my own check me out and drop me a line S~
-- Scott Robinson, 9/23/08

-- Susan Murphy, 9/18/08

I love your work, I may have some artwork you to look over
-- Rick M Mogul, 9/9/08

WOW i love your paintings. have you ever painted from potrero hill? i live there.
-- Marc Heide, 8/30/08

Sherry SolowIt's like you already KNOW that your work is great. So I'm not going to tell you.
-- Sherry Solow, 8/19/08

I love you light! Such sparkle, best of all the zhibit! I'm going to set up a site soon. My first store.
-- Darlene, 4/29/08

nice site scott. i think i looked at every image. do you ride - i was surprised to see a motorcycle. i have a honda. and, love the schooner (or whatever the boat on the rough sea is called). and the bridge work. i could go on, but i think you get the idea. your variety of subjects is keeps me guessing what i will see next. now, i want to go for chocolate... sheila
-- Sheila Kolenc, 3/17/08

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