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There are many painters that 
inspire me stylistically.
When it comes to subject 
matter however, I have 
learned to defer to the 
things in life that I am 
passionate about.
To accomplish this I go 
to my inner child.
Growing up there were 
two people who time 
and again created 
entertainment and images 
that always captivated me.
They were Walt Disney and           
Irwin Allen. Both of whom             
made the films, television            Walt Disney/Irwin Allen
shows and theme parks that
were right out of my dreams.


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One of my Favorite Spaces in San Francisco


Dateline Billings Montana:
The last surviving flag from 
Custer's Last Stand
(the "Battle of Little Bighorn") 
sold for $2.2 million.
The flag was purchased in 1895 for $5
by the Detroit Institute of Arts.  
Proceeds of the sale will be used to 
acquire more native American Art.
Can you say ironic.

          Hyatt Regency "Light Curtain"

Great Spaces 
One of my favorite spaces in 
San Francisco, is the atrium in the 
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero.  
At Xmas when they hang
the "Light Cutain", 
the room is transformed into
a sort of surreal movie set.  
Unfortunately this year they did
not include the massive model train
installation under the "Sphere".

                 Hyatt Regency 'Sphere"

The space was used as the lobby 
for Irwin Allen's 1974 film 
"The Towering Inferno".
The story of the worlds tallest 
building catching fire the 
night of it's grand opening.
A "Titanic" on land story.
If you are familiar with the 
movie, you might recognize 
the elevators in the 
background.            Hyatt Regency Lobby ~ Towering Inferno
They played a pivotal 
part in the film.
Imagine having Steve McQueen as your
city's Fire Chief...way cool.


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The Artist Studio


To those who have ever 
traveled along Francisco Street 
late at night and wondered...
"What's that bright light?"
It's just an artist working late

                                 Photo credit George Newmont


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