.....my B l o g

Los Gatos Plein Air


A big thank you to everyone who
attended the Los Gatos Plein 
Air Auction. Thank you to the 
Los Gatos Rotary and Carol Waitte
for putting on the event. 
And a special thank to 
my host family Ken & Jackie 
Cannizzaro for putting up with 
...and the survey says:
5 Pieces created                        Los Gatos Plaza
4 Pieces sold                  
0 Ribbons


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AWARD: for "In The Wee Small Hours"


Dateline Los Angeles:
Richard Dawson 
("Hogan's Heros" Newkirk)
Dies at age 79.

"In The Wee Small Hours" 
was awarded JURY'S TOP 50 in
the Salon International 2012,
International Museum of 
Contemporary Masters of  
Fine Art,                Detail from "In the Wee Small Hours"
Greenhouse Gallery,
San Antonio, Texas.      
...and the survey says:
1,111 pieces were submitted to the Salon. 
434 pieces were accepted into the Salon.
3 (of 3) pieces of mine were accepted.
1 piece of mine made the "Jury's Top Fifty".


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EVENT: Napa Valley Art Festival


I will be participating in the

NAPA Valley Art Festival.

Show date........Sat 18Aug11

Show Venue.....Community Center

Show Local.......6516 Washington Street

           Yountville, CA

This is a (1) day sale event.

An Art Show in Wine Country,

you can't beat that with a corkscrew...


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EVENT: Los Gatos Plein Air Festival


I will be participating in the

Los Gatos Plein Air Festival.

Show date........Sat 13jun16

Show Local.....Los Gatos Town Plaza

Show Time.......11:00-5:00

This is a (1) day Auction event.

Come spend Saturday in "The Cats".

Check out the town and build your art collection.


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