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COLLECTORS...and what they look like


Dateline Pheonix AZ.
Megan McCain's book 
"Dirty, Sexy Politics" 
is released.

Dirty, sexy art collectors 
George Newmount & Ha Daw pose 
with their newest Grabowski.

                              Holding up "Scaling California"


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REDUX: "Without a Trace"


I painted this piece and had it 
in a gallery, but it didn't sell.
(left image)
When I got it back, I wanted to 
punch up the foreground. 
I added the ribs in the water. 
Not enough.
(The beach was too empty.)
I added the boat in the sand. 
Not enough. 
(The composition was      Original "Without A Trace"...(Left)
too horizontal.)            "Without A Trace" Redux...(Right)
I added the posts in the water.                     
Bingo - done.(right image)

Now that I look back at the original,
I wish I had left it as it was,
and had done a new piece with the
The original needed a little tweaking
not a full rework.
I could have had (2) finished paintings,
but instead spent twice as much 
time on one.
If only I could go back and stop myself.
Where is that time machine?


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