14x18.Fog Off The Presidio

14x18.Fog Off The Presidio

Size . . . . . . . 16 x 20
Medium . . . oil on panel  
Location . . . The Presidio, San Francisco, CA

Back story:
What was the dominant technical aspect of this painting . . . the paint application.
All the objects are painted thinly with the minimum of strokes.  
The best example of this is the bridge looming in the background with great presence.
It was painted in as a gray silhouette, then I hit the hi-light areas with a little red.
What element of the composition did I go after . . . the white building. 

Yes it's true . . . this view is a block from where I live.  
                             I had walked past it million times, then one day it hit me - 
                             that’s a painting

~ Bayscape painting by Scott Grabowski

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