"Without a Trace"

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"Without a Trace"

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Size . . . . . . . .11 x 14
Medium . . . oil on panel  
Location . . . Point Reyes Beach, Marin County, California

Back story:
What was the dominant technical aspect of this painting . . . the compositional contrasts.
(This piece was about…contrasting textures. Contrast creates interest. 
In the painting there is reflective wet sand and non-reflective dry sand. 
Wet wood and dry wood.  Foaming water and the smooth curve of a 
breaking wave. )
(Another point about this piece that I think is interesting,
is that when you want to convey motion
you typically use a diagonal composition.
This is a horizontal composition, and yet you feel that wave rolling at you.)
What element of the composition did I go after . . . the boat. 

Yes it's true . . . originally this painting didn’t have the ship wreck.

  ~ Seascape painting by Scott Grabowski


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