"The Trail Less Traveled"

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"The Trail Less Traveled"

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Size . . . . . . . 30 x 24
Medium . . . oil on panel
Location . . .Sam Taylor State Park, Marin County, CA

Back Story:
What was the dominant technical aspect of this painting…the textures.
The Textures of the foliage, the tree bark,
the wood, and the path.
The strongest images are about contrast. 
Here I have the contrast of;
 - The large tree to the small tree
 - The intact Redwood tree to the cut down tree 
      reassembled into a fence.
 - The untamed woods to the man-made path.
What element of the composition did I go after…the grass.
Yes it’s true . . . only I know where this trail is.

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 Landscape painting by Scott Grabowski


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